The Scramble!


Long time UVA members will remember in years prior the old Saturday Scramble event that we ran, with hundreds of UVA pilots participating and at its zenith commanding as much as 80% of the VATSIM traffic.

The Splash Header seems just right, a bit of the old, and now a bit of the new. We are now reawakening that excitement.


Obviously a single venue will not work for every pilot, in particular the event times — we are an international organization that spans the world's time zones.

Currently we are running ad hoc evening (ET) times, for a one or two hour flight, but long haul flights co-ordinated to the arrival window are just as welcome if they fit the venue. We sometimes coincide with major VATSIM events that complement our schedule. We will also try to incorporate weekend afternoon (ET) times, that would facilitate European (and N.A.) flyer participation.

We are open to suggestions. Capt. Dylan Nowak is the new Events Manager, and is the lead for design, implementation and operations for The Scramble. Contact him on Discord or through our Contact page, for suggestions or questions.

The format will vary, it can include many departure points, to a single arrival airport, and then optionally a departure from there to many airports. Or alternately, a single airport pair. Or perhaps some other design.

The reservation board on the Flight Summaries page highlights group flight participants. Group flights will always be announced as a Bulletin in everyone's Flight Room, and typically messaged on our Discord channel.

Watch for sign up sheets, and details on potential prizes for participants.

The Next Scramble

To be announced.

KMCO to KIAH Beat the Heat (2023 #3)

Last two fellows coming in, UAL064 & UAL031.

Commiserating at the Echo gates.

KIAD to KMCO Sunshine Scramble (2023 #2)


KLAX to KDEN (2023 #1)

Well, it was one busy departure from KLAX. Some thirty members participated, and there was other traffic.
Zipping along, amazing scenery with the sunset behind us.
Arriving in Denver
And a whimsical pic, the pilot checking out his plane.

KIAH Again (2022)

We liked it so much, we did it twice.

KIAH Tonight (2022)

Lots of great ATC, with Centers, Approach, Tower and Ground, to bring us home.

KORD Scramble #2 (2022)

Full ATC, with High & Low Center, Approach, Tower and Ground, and even Metering, to get us all nicely lined up. What a great night.

Scrambling Into KIAD (2022)

A great success. You can join in the pic too, next time!