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Key Documents

UVA Operations Manual, version 6.0

This manual provides guidance to all United Virtual Airlines (UVA) employees, both staff and pilots. It details how United Virtual operates in all matters, with the exception of specific flight operations guidance, which is published in other documents. Now in Wiki format with continuous updates.

Introductory Guide to your First UVA Flight

A step by step procedural guide to your first UVA flight. Now in the 5th revision -- updated March 2014.

Introductory Guide to "Flight Review A" (FR-A)

A step by step procedural guide to fly your "Flight Review A" tutorial -- updated Oct 2018. Be sure to also consult the AFRPS document, which is regulatory for the FR-A.
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737-800 Demonstration Flight (FR-A)

Flight demonstration of a 737-800, flying United Virtual's Flight Review A (FR-A). Useful as a general tutorial for airline procedures, for 737 flying more specifically, and it also is an expert run through of the FR-A. Flown by a professional pilot, and member of the Training Department at United Virtual. Extensive discussion of techniques and flightdeck flows.

A320 Demonstration Flight (FR-A)

Flight demonstration of an A320, flying United Virtual's Flight Review A (FR-A). Useful as a general tutorial for airline procedures, for A320 flying more specifically, and it also is an expert run through of the FR-A. Flown by a professional pilot, and member of the Training Department at United Virtual. Extensive discussion of techniques and flightdeck flows.

737 Operations Q & A

A professional 737 Captain answers questions on Boeing 737 aircraft operations. This is an audio capture of a UVA teaching session, June 2022.

UAL format Operational Flight Plan

A detailed presentation by a professional A320/767 pilot, on the United Airlines format Operational Flight Plan (UAL '18), followed by a Question & Answer session. Also of general application to other airline flight plan formats.

Airline Airport Ground Operations

A real world airlines Ramp Tower Controller discusses Airport Ground Operations, with major focus on Denver International (KDEN). Followed by a question and answer session.

Bank Angle in Bhutan

Company demonstration flight into Paro Bhutan, one of the most challenging approaches in the world.
Operations Documents

FOM - Flight Operations Manual

This is a complete indexed reference for all Flight Operations SOPs. It does not provide the "why" or the " how", but it is intended as an authoritative procedural text. The FOM is directive for all UVA flights. Now updated to version 11.0, effective 16th Jan 2023.

Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

When it comes to flying, this guide covers most everything from soup to nuts, in half a dozen pages. Both the simple stuff and the complex stuff, but it is just an outline. It is not intended as a study guide, but something for reference, to jog your memory during operation (Rev. 10.0 - updated and effective 15th Mar 2022).

Dispatch Checklist

One page summary of weather and fuel requirements for dispatching a flight.

AFRP - Aircrew Flight Review & Ratings Procedures

The AFRP has now been merged into the AFRPS. See below.

AFRPS - Aircrew Flight Review
    & Ratings Procedures (Supplement)

This document outlines the specifics of the checkride flights, the procedures involved in submission, and where to find and install the tools you need. It is updated periodically, and has a validity period and expiry date. Be sure you are using the correct AFRPS for your checkride preparations. AFRPS 2301 is valid for submissions made on 01 Dec 2023 and later.

Airport Guides

KORD, Chicago O'Hare

KEWR, New York Newark

KIAD, Washington Dulles

KDEN, Denver International

KIAH, Houston Bush

KSFO, San Francisco International

KLAX, Los Angeles International

EDDM, Munich, Germany

EDDF, Frankfurt, Germany

EGLL, Heathrow, London, UK

Airport Special Qualifications

Spec Qual - KDCA, Ronald Reagan Int'l, Washington

Spec Qual - MHTG, Toncontin Int'l, Honduras

Spec Qual - TNCM, Princess Juliana Int'l, St. Maarten

Spec Qual - KJAC, Jackson Hole Airport, Wyoming

Spec Qual - KEGE, Eagle Airport, Colorado

Other Documents

PFPX Fuel Policy extensions for UVA

This should allow for accurate fuel planning in PFPX, and as per our FOM, for each of the specified settings. Read the ReadMe.txt file for instructions.

UVA Generic Checklists

Generic Turbojet Checklist

Based on the Boeing checklists, but made a little more generic, should be just fine for Barbie Jets, and not too bad for the Airbuses as well. Use this checklist when a more specific one is not available.

Get in the habit of using flows and checklists, and you will not only get through preps faster and more safely, but also with confidence that you have not forgotten anything. Great for ensuring your checkride goes smoothly. Version 2.0, updated April 2014.

UVA Normal Checklists

These Checklists come in a handy 2-page format along with "memory items" for each airplane (such as limiting weights and speeds) and a recap of both the departure and arrival briefings: something you will love to have handy when you fly!

Embraer E-170/175/190 official UVA Normal Checklist

Airbus 319/320 official UVA Normal Checklist

A320 checklist updated October 2021.

Boeing 737NG/Max official UVA Normal Checklist

737 checklist updated November 2020.

Boeing 757/767 official UVA Normal Checklist

Boeing 787 official UVA Normal Checklist

Boeing 777 official UVA Normal Checklist

Boeing 747-400 official UVA Normal Checklist

747 checklist updated November 2020.

Other Checklists

Also in a handy 2-page format, available for a variety of purposes.

UVA Class II NAV / ETOPS flights Checklist

Educational Guides

General Circulars

What is Pattern Work?

Anyone that flies in the real world has spent more time than they might have wanted to doing pattern work, but for others they may not be familiar with it, other than in passing. This document will take you through a description, outline typical usage, and outline how critical pattern work can be for developing skills.

Pattern Work Exercise

Touch and go landings in the visual traffic pattern, flown in the PMDG B738 in MSFS 2020; adaptable to other types, models and simulators. Learn the sight picture, throttle settings and aircraft feel/control wheel response, for hand flown landings using different flap settings. Give your crosscheck a tune up at least once a month by flying the visual pattern.

Talking to ATC - Proper Phraseology and Technique

Not an official UVA document, but this is an excellent, comprehensive guide that will get you sounding like a professional on the radio, when flying with online ATC such as on VATSIM, or in the real world. This comprehensive document will not only help new pilots get over early "mike fright", but is also an excellent review for seasoned pilots.

UVA Pilot Guides

This is a new series that will gradually expand as time permits. Written by the Training Dept. staff, these will cover a given topic in expanded detail, topics that may not be thoroughly covered elsewhere, or that may be more complex or difficult to understand.


A discussion of holds, their proper entries, speeds and distances and basic principles.


SID & STAR usage is critical for operations on VATSIM, and expected for every checkride you fly. This guide provides some background information, details the concepts, explains the charts and then outlines how to fly them. It should get you up to speed quickly.


You cannot fly, if you do not know the weather. Now METARs and TAFs are very narrow airport focused conditions and forecasts, but they are critical for takeoff and landing operations. Here you will find the basics explained, and then a comprehensive practical listing of examples with decoding explanations, including some some of the less often used, cryptic RMK section codes.

Aircraft Performance & Theory

This is a thorough review of flight theory, from the basics of lift, gravity, thrust and drag, to the nitty gritty equations and theory. It is not so much an introductory piece, but most anyone can wade right in to some depth. Version 3. Updated March 2015.

Instrument Approaches

This guide first covers the basics of Instrument Approaches, but then also delves in depth to give you the background and design theory, and even tickles your fancy by covering some of the less commonly available approaches. Version 2, updated Dec 2014.

Flight Planning

An advanced, in-depth guide on Flight Planning, the "what", "when" and "why" plus a review of the weather charts that play an important role in every flight planning. Version 2, updated Dec 2014.


An in-depth look at Meteorology, from general atmospheric circulation to hazardous weather, the ideal companion to both the METARs and TAFs and the Flight Planning Guides. Version 2, updated Jan 2015.

NOTAM decode

A list of the many codes used in the NOTAMs, quite useful to decipher those cryptic but important messages!

Aircraft Systems

A full description and in-depth explanation of the flight controls, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, air conditioning and anti-ice systems on modern airplanes.


Air navigation is the process of planning and safely executing a route from one airport to another, according to preset rules, adhering to established route practices, taking into account weather, terrain, Air Traffic Control (ATC) and airplane performance variables. Find a general overview in this manual. Version 2, updated Dec 2014.

Aircraft Engines

Complete discussion of reciprocating engines and turbines, covering the theory, design, operation and fault conditions.