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For general inquires you may use the following key contacts.

General Inquiries

Orest Skrypuch

President & CEO

The President is the senior member of the Board of Directors, provides guidance to the divisions at UVA and exercises ultimate decision-making authority for the day-to-day operations of UVA. Responsible for liaison with all outside agencies. Currently, also the principal website developer and IT manager.

Enrico Zaffiri

Chief Pilot,
Sr. VP, Flight Standards & Training

The Chief Pilot is head of The Training Division and responsible for developing UVA aircrew Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), training pilots, developing checkride scenarios, and ensuring standardization of checkride evaluation criteria. He is assisted by the Assistant Chief Pilot and the CheckPilots.

Bob Lyons

Sr. VP, Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources is responsible for processing pilot applications and promotions, filling UVA staff positions, and maintaining pilots' database records.

John Gniewkowski

Communications Manager

Responsible for creating internal and external communications, to include information announcements, publicity for UVA activities, and enhancing UVA’s image in the virtual airline world.
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