Flight Challenges

From time to time we add a special flight, or group of flights, for an interesting turn of events. They will often be flights that are not generally available in the regular schedule, or they may be particularly challenging flights, or of some special operational or historical interest.


Round the World Tour

The Round the World Tour consists of some of the last flown 747 routes at United, linked together in a chain spanning the globe. This is one of the Classic group of flights in our schedule.

Of historical note, the first route in The Tour, SFO-HNL was the first route of the 747 for United, the last route, ICN-SFO, was the last international trip for a United 744.

Island Hopper

The Island Hopper is an airline route between Guam and Honolulu, Hawaii, via several small islands in the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. The route, currently operated by United and originally by Continental Micronesia, is the only scheduled service for many of the islands visited en route.

Classics West Coast

Fly the 1931 Pacific Air Transport passenger route in the Ford Tri-motor. PAT was one of the first airlines acquired by the newly formed United Aircraft and Transport Corporation in 1929.

Take it low and slow with great views of the West Coast.

The Monthly Challenge

This is a monthly event aimed at putting your flight preparation and flying skills to the test. Each month we will release a new routing and scenario that often will not be in the UVA schedule. The routing will only be available for that month.

Visit distant locales and unusual off-schedule airports, with a splash (or sometimes a bucket) of technical challenge.

The UVA Long Haul Event (LHE) Challenge

This is our very own Cross The Pond event.

It is unique because all can participate, whether flying offline or online, whether flying a narrowbody or widebody, and you are not tied to a specific date and time, if you do not wish. The special routing will only be available for the event.

Look for it twice a year. Don't miss it!